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Welcome to LEAN ON ME – your personal support group to everything you think you knew or didn’t know with regards to the adoption process in India. If you are someone thinking about adopting a child from India or someone who has already completed their family with their beautiful children, this community is for you.

Who are we?

LEAN ON ME was created for adoptive parents by adoptive parents. The intent is to share personal experiences and support with families looking for information during the pre, during and post phases of the adoption process. Questions could range from information on completing your home study (pre) to the process regarding Indian bureaucracy (during) to bonding experiences when your child arrives in Canada (post)

Our Network

Our network aims to prepare adoptive parents for this big step and arm you with the right strategies and tools to minimize any challenges you may face during the process. The end goal is to feel empowered at every step of the way during all trials and tribulations; at the same time, building new relationships and forming lifelong friendships for you and your children. Remember, you are not alone during this very special journey.

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