Current /Upcoming Events

Holiday and Diwali Family Celebration- November 25, 2018

We are happy to announce our Holiday & Diwali Celebration on Sunday November 25 from 3 to 5:30 pm, at Loblaws Bayview Village, PC Cooking School, See event details  for complete details. Due to limited capacity for Gingerbread decorating, it will be first come first served basis. We will be starting Gingerbread decorating promptly at 3 pm so plan on arriving 10 minutes early to the event. Please RSVP with number of children attending from your family and let us know of any known allergies. We are looking forward to seeing you at the celebration.

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Family Day Social

Support Meeting (Post Adoption)- Sept 30, 2018

We are happy to announce our next support meeting in September for families that have adopted from India. Looking forward to connecting with you. Please click the link below to see the event details.

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Past Social Events

Family Day Social

The Family Day event was a total success and thank you all for coming and making it a success. We like to thank you also for connecting your family with us and other families for an opportunity to meet under one roof. I hope you and your family enjoyed the event. It was the first family day event by Lean On Me. 

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Past Support Meetings

First Support Meeting - January 28, 2018

This was our first support meeting and we were really happy to meet some of you who have adopted from India. We had a successful meeting gathering key topics of interest and discussion around support needs. We will be hosting more meetings and social events throughout the year. Please continue to check this page for all our events.

Support Meeting (Post Adoption Parents)- June 10, 2018

We had another successful support meet up this June with rich conversations and sharing of our experiences and adoption journey. We look forward to offering more and learning from parents on how we can continue to strengthen our community.

Support Meeting (Families in Adoption Process) - Sept 30, 2018

This was our first meeting to support parents who are currently in the process of adopting from India. This was a very engaging meeting with many questions and engaging conversations to help parents that are looking forward to bringing their child home. We are hoping to have several more sessions in 2019 to continue to offer support to this subset of parents.

Support Meeting (Post Adoption) - Sept 30, 2018

This was our last meeting for the post adoption parents in 2018. We are looking forward to many more sessions in 2019. Keep checking the website for updates.